17 Decisions, Events and Ideas That Impacted Young People In 2018


2018 is in the books.

We’re going to break down the biggest stories on the Smashed Avocado of 2018,

But before we do we want to say thanks.

To all the young people who have been driving change with us, through surveys, events, sharing our stuff, writing to us, writing for us, and being members - THANK YOU.

You're the experts in your own lives. You know more than anyone else what's important to you and what is affecting your life. Sharing that expertise with us is what allows us to do what we do.

We’ve reached thousands, literally thousands, of people through this site - so thanks for being on the journey with us.

We really appreciate it.

Thank you.

You’ve been awesome.

Now. Let’s look back and what was in 2018 (so much happened that we’ve broken it down into categories).

Democracy and Politics

1. The State Election

When young people vote, cool things happen. So before the State Election that happened in March, we put everything you could ever want to know about voting in one convenient place. We unpacked:

Young people telling their story

7. Emily: Here’s What Jobactive Is Really Like

Emily unpacked her experience with Jobactive. The story also featured responses from our survey about Jobactive.

Thanks again for the year.

We’ll see you all in 2019 - where there will be a Federal Election and plenty more to unpack with you.

Until then, we’re going to leave you with this video!