Don’t let yourself not vote this council election.


Here’s our answer to all the reasons you might not want to vote.

1. Council elections are boring.

Yea but what if instead of calling it ‘council elections’ we called it ‘a chance to elevate someone who reflects your views into a position of power’? Because check this out:

  • Don’t think about Councils. Don’t think about politics.

  • Think about the issues.

  • The things you’re passionate about.

  • The causes that make you angry, excited, frustrated, empowered.

  • The things you want to see changed in the world around you.

  • Take them, and use elections like this as a chance to drive change.

  • Ask your candidates questions, and demand they give you answers.

  • Some people get voted in on fewer than 100 votes.

  • Some candidates kind of bank on the fact that young people won’t vote.

  • If you get your mates together and really push for a candidate that reflects your views, you can change what happens next.

  • Do it. Vote.

dont boo vote

2. But I don’t know what council I’m in, or who I’m voting for?

We got you covered.

Click this link, type in your address, and you’ll get your council and the people you’ll be able to vote for.

new girl.gif

3. OK but I don’t know when I have to do what?

Aren’t you lucky we made this:

council election calendar

4. But I don’t know how to vote in a council election?

  • Put a ‘1’ in the box of your favourite candidate.

  • Put a ‘2’ in the box of your second favourite candidate.

  • Keep going until you’ve numbered as many boxes as there are vacancies (the ballot will tell you how many vacancies there are)

  • Put the ballot in the envelope they give you.

  • Seal it.

  • Fill in the details.

  • Put it all in the OTHER, BIGGER envelope.

  • Seal that envelope.

  • Chuck it into a mailbox (you don’t need to stamp it).

  • Do a happy dance or cook a democracy sausage or tell a friend to vote.

Example of how not to do it.

Example of how not to do it.

4. But I don’t even know what councils do…?

Pretty simply, it’s council’s job to make sure your area suits your needs.

Think about all the public space in your area.

  • The roads, bikeways, footpaths and street lighting? They’re council’s job.

  • The parks, trees, ovals, and sports facilities? They’re council’s job.

  • The public libraries, community centres and cultural centres? They’re council’s job.

  • Festivals, cultural celebrations and major events? They’re council’s job.

  • Your wheelie bins, and the bins in the streets? They’re council’s job.

  • At a basic level, councils take care of the space where you work, live and play, and much much more.

So when you vote, think about electing someone who you think it going to make sure your community reflects your needs.


That’s it.

Remember. Don’t let yourself not vote this council election.