3 videos that unpack this week's student protests

1. Students are protesting for Climate Change around the country this week

Young people are driving change, and leading a movement, in regards to an issue they’re passionate about.

You can find out about the protests here: https://www.schoolstrike4climate.com/

2. The Prime Minister told the students to be ‘less activist’

Here’s a video:

3. And of course, here’s some satire

Mark Humphries of the ABC made this:
*Note: language warning


4. YACSA’s take

We've written quite a bit about how good things happen when young people engage with politics.

As citizens and community stakeholders, young people have a right to be involved in the decisions that affect them and to be able to discuss their concerns and issues with decision-makers.

This is not about ‘giving young people a voice’ - young people have their own voice, and they are using it to force those in power to listen.

This is what it looks like when young people drive change.

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