Pizza and Politics



Young people came and asked politicians the questions that they want answered. Over 90 minutes, young people asked questions about work, employment, health, diversity, young people in democracy, bullying, mental health, the environment, animal rights and more. 

While the politicians talked about their party platforms, they also shared personal stories and experiences.

And, everyone enjoyed a nice slice of pizza.


Thank you to everyone who participated!

Thanks to the young people (some who came from Loxton, Victor Harbor, the Barossa and Adelaide Hills) who put the questions to the politicians.

And thanks to Michelle Lensink, Kelly Vincent, Robert Simms and Katrine Hildyard!

Highlights from the night

Our YACSA team were rapidly tweeting during the night, trying to capture the highlights.

Here's how the night went:

Anticipation built...

And the pollies started by talking about the importance of young people in democracy:

A young person asked about cultural diversity in politics:

A big focus of the night was health, regional health, mental health and funding for health:

Another key focus was bullying, and what politicians could do to help address the problem:

Questions then focused on young people who are disconnected from employment and education - and the way they are targeted socially and politically: 

Finally, the pollies were asked about their party's approach to the environment:

We gathered the questions young people asked, and asked them to politicians before the election. The answers to your questions formed our scorecards, which you can view in the election hub! :)

Thanks again to all who participated!

What about you? If you could ask a pollie a question, what would it be?