If you’re going to drive change, you’re going to need people to help you, support you, and to share your message.

It’s important to think about people who share your ideas, passion, and experiences. There are a lot of people out there who are passionate about causes and issues, but don’t necessarily know how to help or how to join in - so if you can find ways to connect with those people then you can strengthen your own cause.

It’s also important to consider those who aren’t allies - those who hold views opposite to yours - and to think about how you can try your best to help guide them into becoming allies.

Questions to consider:

Who can help you?

  • Existing organisations or groups that focus on your particular issue?

  • Peak bodies (like YACSA…!)?

  • Political parties?

  • Like minded individuals, or people with similar experiences?

  • Decision makers?

Are there any allies that can help amplify your idea or cause?

  • Media?

  • Websites?

  • Social media pages or ‘influencers’?

  • Public figures?

What’s your ‘call to action’?

  • If people are passionate about your idea or cause, how can they help?

  • In one sentence, can you describe how people do something about the issue? 

And, think about the opposite of allies.

  • Who would disagree with my ideas?

  • What would their argument be?

And, for ultimate bonus points,

  • What do I and my opposition have in common, and how can I use that to help guide them towards becoming an ally?
    (Watch the video below to find out why that’s important)