Pointing out the issue or problem is only half of the equation.

To really drive change, it’s always useful to point out a goal, a vision, an action or a direction moving forward – to show people how things could be better.

Think of it as: [issue] is a problem, and we need to do [goal].


Some questions to consider are:

  • When you close your eyes and think about the issue that you’re passionate about… what is the outcome you think of?

  • Where do you want to be, what do you want to see done, what needs to happen?

  • Has the issue been solved in other cities, state or countries? How did they do it?

  • Who has the responsibility to make the change?



These are both taken from separate YACSA submissions:

  • “For future employment services to better serve young people, survey respondents have called for more one-on-one services that are respectful, compassionate, flexible, tailored to the personal circumstances and career goals of young people and cognisant of the current job market”.

  • “With the knowledge that early experiences of poor mental health acts as a significant precursor to mental health issues later on in life, it is imperative that governments prioritise youth mental health and ensure that funding, service provision and ongoing treatment responds effectively to young people experiencing and at risk of developing mental health issues”.