An idea is only as powerful as the amount of people who believe in it.

Spreading a message to others gives it weight.

There are a whole range of techniques and tools to use to spread your idea/message.

You can use your idea to bring people together or to call people to action.

Thankfully people are more connected that ever, and it’s easier than ever to spread ideas to connect like minded people.


Some tools to consider are:

  • Use social media to create a post, page or group aimed at spreading your idea.

  • Organise an event for people to come together and share ideas, raise concerns or even protest.

  • Create a video that can be shared.

  • Create a petition that people can sign on and share.

  • Write to media, politicians and advocacy groups to raise awareness and gather supporters.


Some free online platforms you can use are:

  • Canva is great for making creative content like posters, images, and even memes.

  • Facebook is a handy tool if you’re looking to create an event or a page where people can share ideas.

  • Adobe Spark is an awesome, free platform if you want to create a video that can be shared,

  • allows you to create and share petitions.

  • Grammarly will help you make sure your document is professionally edited if you’re writing to politicians, media or advocacy groups,