Where do I vote?


The short answer is that all you need to do is click this link:

The long answer is that it’s best to vote in your electorate. Check out below to learn what an electorate is, what electorate you live in, and why we have electorates.


But YACSA, what is an electorate?

Glad you asked!

An electorate is a geographical area. Kind of like a suburb. Or like Districts from the Hunger Games.

For the Federal election there are 150 electorates, and South Australia has 11 of them. They are divided so each one has roughly the same population of voters.

You can find your electorate by clicking on this link!

On election day, each electorate elects someone to represent them in parliament. That representative sits in the 'lower house' (in the federal parliament - that's called the 'House of Representatives'). The party, or groups of parties, with the most people voted into the House of Representatives will become the government, and their leader will be the Prime Minister.

So it's kind of like there's 150 mini-battles that happen on election day, and the team with the most wins gets the prize.

Knowing which electorate you're voting in will help you identify who you're actually voting for.


Bonus YACSA tip: 

Voting at a polling booth in your electorate is way, way faster and easier than trying to vote from outside your electorate.

What do you think? Does it make sense? What are your questions, concerns, ideas or opinions?